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The Design Walk-In is almost open

This is a new project from the always inspiring Zahra Ebrahim. She is looking for designers and clients, I mean “specialists” and “patients”:

The Design Walk-In is a storefront design health clinic opening at 367 King Street West on June 1, 2012.  The project is a temporal social experiment helping the general public access design and understand how to value designers with greater ease. Designers are essential to the health of any organization, and the goal is to help connect individuals and organizations with a designers that suit their unique needs.

 We are looking to offer referrals to “specialists” (designers) to our “patients” (clients) across over 15 disciplines of design.  If you are a designer, register to be a specialist.  If you are a client seeking a designer, book an appointment!

For more information, visit:

PDA furniture installed at the YWCA’s Winona Place

The AMAZING crew, consisting of 3rd year students from Sheridan furniture program, their prof Peter Flemming, Connie Chisholm, PDA, the staff at YWCA AND the residents of YWCA’s Elm Centre, have finally finished a project that has been running since January. PDA created a documentary along the way, following the students, the sessions with the residents and the final installation of the pieces. Watch below and gain insight into the process, the heart and effort that went into this project and the wonderful outcome!

Video and sound is created by Circuit Bent Media. Visit their website here.

Yesterday the YWCA had a grand opening of their beautiful new place. We went by to see the finished furniture at Winona Place. Here’s some pictures:

Design by Nature – juried sustainable design exhibition at@ Evergreen Brick Works

More spring activities for crafty people in this wonderful city! We just heard from Design By Nature at Evergreen Brick Works that they are looking for talented designers, furniture makers, artisans , and installation artists to create functional public furniture and sculptural installations that reflect the site’s sustainability mandate.  These public pieces must incorporate existing, recycled or reclaimed materials.

Please see attached sheet for more information. The deadline has been moved to May 10th, 2012 for submitting a proposal. Information about submitting a proposal can be found here: and more info about the call can be found here:


Go get’em!


Ryerson School of Interior Design Year End Show

Katherine, Parimal and I all went to Ryerson for Interior Design. We’d like to invite you to their 2012 Year End Show. Definitely worth checking out!

in[sid] Impression

Opening night: Thursday, April 26 | 6:30 p.m.
Exhibit: April 26 to 29, 2012

Every year, Ryerson School of Interior Design celebrates the creativity and ingenuity of its students through a three day exhibit. Curated by faculty and organized by students, in[sid] connects students with industry leaders while displaying the diverse design solutions to a broad selection of contemporary issues from all four years of the program. This year the show examines the concept of Impression, concentrating on the transformative effects an experience can have on an individual.

As young designers, we are looking for a way to leave our impression on the world. Impressions have a variety of manifestations – including first, last, fleeting or deep – all of which are formed by our experiences. Experience the impressions the school leaves upon its students, and the impressions graduating students will leave behind at Ryerson.

For more information, visit

Please step in[sid], engage, and make your impression.

Location:   Ryerson School of Interior Design, 302 Church Street, Toronto, ON

6:30 p.m to 8:00 p.m Industry Event
7:30 p.m. Entrance to General public

$10 at the door. Free for industry.